HPC TigerSHARK™2 Key Machine - SKU: H-123TSHARK2 

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HPC TigerSHARK™2 Key Machine


The TigerSHARK™2 is the next generation Key Machine with the ability to do more than you would expect. You'll be able to cut High-Security and Standard Automotive Keys, Commercial and Residential Keys, Dimple and Tubular Keys.

The Engraving Feature will be a big help on your next Master Keying job.

And the coolest feature is the Automatic Rotating Head that allows you to make angle cuts for Medeco®

Some additional accessories may be required - please contact customer service if you need to cut dimpled keys.

TigerSHARK™2 Engraving Jaw and TigerSHARK™2 Tubular Jaw are available and can be ordered below.

TigerSHARK™2 Info Sheet

Click on the thumbnails at left to see a larger image of the TigerSHARK™2 key machine, control panel main menu, engraving jaw and tubular jaw.