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Lock Lubricants

EasyKeys offers a wide range of Lock Lubricants. We recommend you clean and lubricate the cylinder and the locking mechanism regularly with a graphite lock lubricant or a light spray, such as WD-40 high-performance penetrant. This is especially important when using newly cut keys in your lock. Applying Lock Lubricant.
Lucky Line 95027 Powdered Graphite Lubricant

Lucky Line | 9501 | $3.37 ea
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A high-quality dry lubricant, Needle-nosed tube makes small applications easy, Provides a thin layer of air and water between surfaces for lubrication, Keep locks working smoothly when used sparingly, 4.5 grams, For pin tumbler locks, not for hinges

HPC Graphite Gun

HPC | HGG | $14.77 ea
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Use HPC's Graphite Gun prior to picking or impressioning to loosen tight wafers or pins. Graphite is also an excellent lubricant for machines. The Graphite Guns are refillable with HPC's Bulk Graphite. It contains approximately 1/3 oz. (8.5g) of natural graphite. Made with real rubber!

HPC Bulk Graphite

HPC | GG-16 | $16.97 ea
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HPC's Bulk Graphite is pure natural flake graphite. The GG-16 contains 1 lb. (.45kg) of high quality micro-spray graphite in a plastic bottle. It is an economical and ecological way to refill your Graphite Guns.

LAB LLT-001 Lock Lubricant

LAB | LLT001 | $21.87 ea
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A superior friction-fighting agent made of micronized polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Powder - a dry white powder lubricant that will not "cake-up" as graphite does.