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HPC Automate Key Machine - SKU: 6666HQT 

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HPC Automate Key Machine


The Automate™ Key Duplicating Machine shares the original design of the “Standard of the Industry” Original Blitz™ Machine. For this reason, you can expect the same rugged precision and exacting tolerances throughout all of HPC’s Key Machines. When you choose the Automate™ with hands-free key cutting, you’ll be getting the very same quality and long-lasting performance that have made the Original Blitz™ an integral part of virtually every locksmith business worldwide!

The completely automatic action allows for total hands-free key cutting. The entire cutting cycle of the Automate™ takes only 12 seconds. Simply place the keys in the jaws and press the button. The Automate™ will do the rest, leaving you free to go back to your customer. It comes with 4-way jaws, which allow it to hold a wide variety of keys. The spring-loaded carriage assures consistent key duplication every time. Its expansive carriage range allows for the cutting of longer automotive keys. The Automate™ is an extremely sturdy duplicator that is designed to cut accurate keys effortlessly.

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