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A-ZUM Knowledge Base

A-ZUM Control Keys
The control key is a key that is required for the removal and installation of lock cores. It does not lock or unlock your lock like a regular key. Some locks must be in the unlocked position to remove the lock core. A Control Key is also referred to as a Pull Key, Change Key or Core Removal Tool.

A-ZUM  |  RK CC  |  $14.87
This control key is used on the following A-ZUM series:
CC2001 - CC3000
CR001 - CR1000
DC3001 - DC4000
ZG0001 - ZG2000
A-ZUM  |  6SERIES-CK  |  $14.87
Control key used to install and remove A-ZUM 6 series dimple lock cores. Control key will only work and fit on the high security dimple cores