HPC Letter and Figure Key Stamp Sets - SKU: H-HC 

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HPC Letter and Figure Key Stamp Sets


Stamping a name or number on a key is an added service you can offer to your customers. Whether you stamp the key with the master key symbol, the room number, the bitting, or the name of the locations it opens, it lets your customers easily identify the multitude of keys they carry.br />
HPC Stamp Sets are available in Letters and Figures (numbers) and in character sizes of 3/32-inch (2.5mm) and 1/8-inch(3.0mm).

The Letter Sets include the letters “A” through “Z”, plus an ampersand (&).

The Figure Sets include the numbers “0” through “8” (use the “6” upside-down for a “9”).

For more professional appearance, use the Stamps with the Stamp Aligner™ (No. SA-7)).

All Stamp Sets feature:
  • Plastic Storage Box to keep your stamps organized
  • Extra Tough Shank to prevent bending
  • Tempered Head to prevent mushrooming
  • Specially Hardened Character to prevent chipping
  • Sharp Chisel Edge Character Face for clear impressions
  • Shank size of 1/4-inch (6.35mm) to fit in the HPC Stamp Aligners